Katrín works as a choreographer, dancer, researcher and teacher. In her works she is interested in soft encounters, quietness and resonance, relentless ever-changing flow, labour of the dancer and the body as archive. She has made award-winning works that have been shown around Iceland and in Europe. As well as developing her own choreographic work, Katrín is a member of art collective Marble Crowd and works with illustrator Rán Flygenring. She has also worked as a choreographer and movement director for Iceland Dance Company, The National Theatre of Iceland (IS), The Icelandic Opera (IS), Theatre Republique (DK), Toneelgroep Amsterdam (NL) and FWD Youth Company (IS). Since 2015 Katrín has been a regular guest teacher at the Department of Performing Arts at LHÍ. She was a member of LHÍ Advisory Committee (Fagráð) in 2017-2019. Katrín is Chairman of the Board of Choreographers in Iceland and sits on the board of The Icelandic Actors Union. Katrín holds a BA degree in dance and choreography from ArtEZ University of the Arts (NL) and a diploma in contemporary dance from LHÍ. She also holds a M.Sc in Health Economics and a diploma in Financial Economics from the University of Iceland. 
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