Jesper Pedersen

Jesper Pedersen studied Music Technology at Aalborg University. His main fields of interest at any given moment may include topics such as experimental music, electronic music, sound art, media art, animated musical notation, improvisation, interactive installation, DIY electronics, history of electronic musical instruments, and sound design.


His works have been performed internationally by members of S.L.Á.T.U.R., Goodiepal and Pals, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Duo Harpverk, Ensemble Adapter, Katie Buckley, Ingólfur Vilhjámsson and more. Festival appearances includes the Tectonics Festival, Nordlichter Biennale, OpenDays, Rainy Days, Summartónar, Raflost, Geiger, Sláturtíð, Dark Music Days, and Nordic Music Days.


Jesper performs on modular synthesizers, theremin, laptop, home-made and found instruments both solo and in collaborations. He is a part of the Icelandic composers collective S.L.Á.T.U.R., the experimental ensemble Fengjastrútur, Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet, Atónal Blús and Synesiotechnoikema.


Jesper teaches electronic music at the Kópavogur Computer Music Center and is an adjunct lecturer in electronic music composition at Iceland University of the Arts. He is co-organizer of the Raflost Festival of electronic Art.

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