Eva María Árnadóttir
Eva María Árnadóttir, Dean of School of Architecture, Design and Fine Art.
Eva María Árnadóttir completed an MSc degree in General Management from the Stockholm School of Economics and a BA degree in Fashion Design from the Iceland University of the Arts.
She worked as a Head Designer, Production Manager and Product Development Specialist in Iceland and abroad in the years 2009 - 2017.
Eva María has worked for the Iceland University of the Arts (IUA) since 2011, first as a part-time teacher, supervisor and in admissions committees and since 2017
as an Adjunct Professor in Fashion Design where she has e.g. emphasized the ideology of sustainable development, but in addition she has worked as
a Programme Director in Fashion Design and as a Project Manager in the Department of Design and Architecture.
Eva María sits on the professional council of the Icelandic Fashion Council and on the board of the Textile Laboratory at the School of Education at the University of Iceland.
Eva María is also a former chairman of the Alumni Association at IUA and sat on its behalf in the Academic Council of the IUA.
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