Saga Sigurðardóttir has been involved with dance and performance since directing younger siblings in couch-choregraphies some 30 years ago. Professionally, since 2006. That is, since she graduated from ArtEZ Art Academy (NL) as Dance Maker. In 2017 she finalized her MFA in Performing Arts at Iceland University of the Arts, while in the meantime also earning a BA degree in Theology from University of Iceland. As a performing artist Saga has created, directed and performed an extensive variety of works, often in collaboration with artists wide across the arts, locally and internationally. Her work and collaborations touch multiple contexts; dance and theater, music performance, site-specific experiential work, gallery and carnival gigs. 

In 2008-2014 Saga danced in several works by Swiss artist Alexandra Bachzetsis, while also being active with Icelandic performance groups Me & My Friends and The Artist Theater.

Saga has created and directed work with The Iceland Dance Company (2015/2019) and is currently a member of the art collectives Marble Crowd, 16 Lovers and The Post Performance Blues Band.

Since 2011 Saga has been a regular tutor at the departments for Performing Arts and Music at IUA, and a periodic guest teacher at LungA Art School in Seyðisfjörður.
Saga was board member of Reykjavik Dance Festival and Reykjavik Dance Atelier from 2010-2018.

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