Massimo Santanicchia
Massimo is an architect working across disciplines. He has been teaching at the Design and Architecture Department since 2004.
His emphasis, both in his work as teacher and architect, has been on systems thinking and architecture. He has focused especially on how minimal architectural and design interventions can deliver for the public good, foster systemic social and environmental change capable of contributing to the solution of the grand challenges that humanity is facing: climate change and social inequality.
He also applies systems thinking to research new pedagogic models for architectural education in the North and specifically in the Icelandic context. Massimo holds three Masters degrees. MArch from IUAV Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia; MA in Housing and Urbanism from AA Architectural Association, School of Architecture in London; and MSc in Regional Urban Planning Studies from LSE London School of Economics and Political Science.
Research subject areas include: systems thinking, architecture, urbanism, design thinking, design for social innovation, urban adaptability, architectural education.


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