Policy on International Collaboration

The Iceland University of the Arts operates in an international arena with broad-ranging collaboration and participation in multi-national projects.
A large number of the IUA’s students complete a part of their studies abroad, and the University in turn receives a diverse group of students from various countries who come to study for longer or shorter periods. The University offers an international MA Programme in Music, Fine Arts and Design, and focuses on preparing students for work as artists in an international environment.
The IUA actively advocates collaboration with artists and academics abroad through faculty exchange. Guest lecturers contribute significantly to the University, and the University’s teachers benefit by acquiring experience and discovering new reference points by teaching and lecturing in collaborating schools across Europe. 
The IUA takes part in international associations that in one way or another concern collaboration, cooperation, and the development of higher educational institutions in the arts.

It is the University’s policy to:

Strengthen its position through international collaboration.
Form collaborations with academies and art institutions outside Europe.
Support students and University staff in participating in international projects.
Support recent graduates to obtain internships abroad.
Ensure follow-up and systematic assessment of international projects.
Promote the University internationally on the basis of its professional status and diversity.



Erasmus Policy Statement 2018-