Blaðagreinar prentaðar á striga, beinlím, andlitsgríma / Newspapers articles printed on canvas, bone glue, face mask

690 x 320 cm



I thought the universe was a vision.  

The world of language and narration is full of sadness and regret.  

Often, I have projects that I can not finish or see-through.  

I know everything happens for a reason.  

What makes a person is their own story.  

People do live in their own imaginary stories.  

Wounded and alone, but time never left.  

Time will review how the most minor  

and eternal things can significantly impact life.  

When I look into people's eyes, I realize  

that no one can see or observe the world the same way as I do.  

I know that others will exceed my expectations  

in their excellence  

in the form of time. 


Working on a living tissue is a process that I develop, I am present in a given time frame for the viewer’s perspective.

Look at me now:  Look at big data now: 

I got a facemask of myself, so I am myself now. 


I now accept other people’s experience of the world, and it makes it possible to extend the world beyond my personal experience.

Without this, there would be no difference between my world and my experience.

I cannot see what someone sees, so I search, so it is an unfinished dream when I think that the other person has the same typing perspective. 

Even though I see the world differently, I still know that someone is exceeding my expectations. However, Creativity is fulfilling me. 

: Doing, making, creating

: To roll, to crease, to fold, to store, to bend, to twist, to tear, to cut, to simplify, to mix, to disarrange, to open, to spread, to dig, to cover, to impress, to gather.

It becomes a tool of solutions that make me alive.

I am not hiding anything from anyone. I simply am because I am. 

It is not my fault, or my innocence and I accept that as well. 


Take a look at the middle; the core of my being is always within me, even when the world around me breaks apart. 

Now I am falling into pieces and rebuilding myself from them.

The reality of being is a thin web, that can be torn apart by any moment. 

There is a gap between what is real and what is represented, by the ways in which reality is made.

Everything that exists in time is still there.

If I can ask a question, then I am able to answer it. 

There is also a wound in the middle that disrupts the circulation of reality.

There are no boundaries, no anchor points, and no inward binding. 

I plan our lives in such a way that nothing could happen like a Honey. 

To control our thoughts, I have to stop focusing on the present and start focusing on the future.

In order to be effective at destroying illusions, I have to be able to screw up my own norms. Fame is not about being famous, it is about being afraid and being able to fight for emotions.

Evolution theory states that animals have two goals: survival and maintenance. The first is to maintain their environment. The second one is to improve their survival rate.

Each animal has its own unique role in the universe. It is the sole responsibility of the creatures to play its part in making it all happen.

My knowledge of nature is what makes me free from the evils of the world. It is what makes me happy and free from the envy and rage that are hell. When a person fulfils their calling, the universe can fall apart.


Confusion is inevitable when the government and budget constraints become too severe.

Knowing that there is a space that I can use makes both reflection and learning possible. Having no idea if there is a space I can use makes both possible.


Language is a curtain – ideology is reality.

That is all we have.