Ottó Ólafur Ottósson 
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O-line Optics.. - Video / Light Installation.. 

In every moment, in every nuance of reality, we are continuously being subjected to various forms of fixed influence-waves and patterns. Sensory inceptors overhauling our inbuilt judgement functions and impairing our conscious or even sub-conscious will. These waves manifest in any possible variation, silently targeting our senses and hacking into our individualised mental or even communal understanding of life, ourselves and ultimately the universe. 

Great forces are at work to disrupt and dominate our existential state as a species. Let us now work together to ensure our mental liberation from victim to victim. Conclusions must be hunted down and challenged for the greater good of our physical, psychological and even sociological evolution. 


“Electromagnetic Speculations”, 2016
Video work / Installation, From: O-line Optics series