My watch, that has helped me perceive time has been broken for a while. I’ve gotten used to looking at other things to find out what the time is. Watches are rarely ever used only in a practical manner but they also have an aesthetic purpose. Some say that a broken watch is right two times a day, but for it to be right you have to have the correct time in order to know when the broken one is right. My watch is always correct for me even if it doesn’t work—it looks good and that’s the reason why I have it on my hand. On my way to the watchmaker I managed to get my clothes stuck in the wheel of my bicycle. I suddenly felt that time stopped when it became impossible for me to fix my watch. The light stretched with the heaviness of gravity and my worldly possessions were defaced. I’m pretty sure that I managed to leave the scene, but I am not the same as before. The bicycle stopped the flow of time and the mistake lies in the tires of the bicycle, they sucked in my shirt in like a black hole sucking in the dwarf stars of the universe. When I look back at this event, I think I will be wearing shorter pants next time I ride a bicycle, that must be a solution for the future.