Curiosity, understanding and courage are fundamental values in all of the Iceland Academy of the Arts’ activities.

This Code of Ethics is aimed at the Academy’s students, teachers and staff. It is not an exhaustive description of good practice but describes the spirit that should be adhered to. The Code of Ethics is a standard and a beacon in all the Academy‘s activities.

General communication within the academy

1.1 Equality and respect prevail in all communication at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

1.2 Human rights are honoured and people are not discriminated against on the grounds difference.

1.3 The Iceland Academy of the Arts community respects the freedom of expression and debate is professional and responsible.

1.4 No preferential treatment is given on account of personal relationships, any conflict of interest that may affect decision-making at the Academy must be declared.

1.5 Students’ issues and personal data are subject to confidentiality.

1.6 The Academy´s subjective and objective assets shall be treated responsibly and respectfully.

1.7 Staff and students are ambitious about reliable procedures and care for and respect each other´s work and time.

Society and environment

2.1 The Iceland Academy of the Arts´ staff and students are aware of the Academy´s position and role in society.

2.2 Staff and students work on the Academy´s advancement and communicate the knowledge and creativity that comes into being within its walls to society.

2.3 Teachers and students think responsibly about the manifestations of teaching, research and creativity for society, environment and nature.

2.4. Society, environment and nature are respected through an aim for environmentally responsible practices and sustainability.

2.5 The conduct and debate of staff and students outside the walls of the Academy are professional and responsible.

Creativity, teaching and research

3.1 Academic freedom is celebrated at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. A great breadth of artistic practice, theoretical work, research and teaching is respected.

3.2 The Academy seeks to preserve and enhance knowledge and professional ability in each area with its aim for good practice and social good.

3.3 The Academy´s teachers create a fertile and encouraging setting for study, based on trust, consideration and honesty.

3.4 The Academy´s teachers promote their students´ development with honest, fair and appropriate feedback.

3.5 The Academy´s students are responsible for their studies and are honest and considerate in their relationships with their teachers.

3.6 Staff and students respect the rights of those that participate in the Academy´s research and projects.

3.7 Copyright is honoured in all activities at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and sources and collaborations are appropriately referred to, conscientiously and honestly.