Applicants must have a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts or related disciplines within art and theory. Emphasis is placed on applicants possessing knowledge and competencies for independent art practice with initiative and ability to follow their ideas through.

Study proposal
In his study proposal, the applicant must submit a description of his artistic intention and personal aims within the Master Programme in Fine Arts at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. The proposal can be one to two pages long. The following needs to be addressed in the study proposal:

  • Why the applicant is applying for the Master Programme in Fine Arts at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and what expectations he has in relation to the Master Programme.
  • Methods and mediums which the applicant intends to use in his studies.
  • Analysis of the context of his work; with regard to resources, issues and themes.
  • What subject the applicant intends to explore in his studies.

Portfolio of the applicant´s artistic practice as a comprehensive overview of his own work. The portfolio should be A4 or A3 size. It should contain documentation of up to 20 of the applicant´s works; clear photographs, computer prints or other copies of works. It is important to specify if the project is a collaborative one. The works may not be older than five years. Accompanying each work must be a description with: title, size, material and year. Video works must be described with stills and short description of their content, in addition it is possible to submit as supplementary documentation video and/or sound works on DVD. The total running time of such work should not exceed ten minutes. If the work in question is longer then a part of the work should be submitted along with information on total running time.

Information on background, previous studies, previous work and anything else related to the artistic background of the applicant.

Written references of three individuals who know the applicant´s artistic work.

A specially appointed admission committee assesses the applications on the basis of submitted material and interviews.

Language requirements
The Master Programme in Fine Arts is an international programme. English is the main language of instruction but tutoring may be in Icelandic or English. Students must be able to express themselves in spoken and written English. It may be required that the applicant pass a TOEFL test.