The aim of the Programme is to equip artists with a range of tools to mediate their art form in an educational setting as well as strengthening their academic skills, providing them with a new platform from which to communicate their knowledge and lead artistic projects inside and outside the education system.


  • Outstanding education for art teachers-in-the-making where the criteria and working methods of the artistic fields themselves are taken into consideration.
  • To meet an urgent need for strong and well educated art teachers at all educational levels.
  • Development and design of new teaching methods.
  • Literacy in the widest sense, sustainability, democracy and human rights, health and wellbeing, equality and creativity.
  • Equal rights to education and that a suitable educational environment and projects should be created for all students, irrespective of background, interests or views.

The Master´s Programme in Art Education is a practice-based academic programme where artists learn to be art teachers. They get an opportunity to communicate their art and engage in academic work and teaching art in primary and secondary schools, in line with the curriculum. By offering this Programme, the IAA wants to ensure that innovation in art and artistic subjects is communicated from one educational level to another and that art education is highly regarded among artists.