Master´s Programme in Arts Education – The Art of Teaching

Art is first and foremost the journey of individuals who develop their own methods for exploration, communication and expression. Arts education revolves around igniting the interest, desire and longing of students to understand and to create. A challenging and imaginative teacher can be the key to students’ learning to enjoy art and/or channelling their talents within it.

How art is presented and taught at all educational levels has direct influence on the cultural life of a nation in the long term and therefore on society as a whole. Stance towards art, the practice of art and the consumption of art has a formative influence on a person’s life on a very personal level. Thus art forms society; not by external bidding and banning but through transformation from the inside.

In the Department of Arts Education, a group of people is gathered together from all fields of the arts, all sharing the aim of learning about and adopting new methods in the teaching of art with the widest possible social and ideological reference.

All teaching takes place in Icelandic, and therefore it is
prerequisite to admission, that all students understand and speak