Linnéa Falck, a music student at the Iceland University of the Arts, will present a vocal sound performance this Saturday, February 4th as a part of the Winter Lights Festival in Reykjavík.
Linnéa's piece was developed in the course Þvermál taught by Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir and Roman Laval. No entry fee and all welcome.
“Sounding body of water” is an immersive vocal sound performance creating a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound through a deep engagement with the steam bath’s aqueous elements, their palpable fluctuations over the duration of the piece, placing water at the center of the performance. This direct experience of sound and its physical medium – the humidity of the air - takes the audience beyond the aural to a whole body listening through the steam via the sound’s tactile, spatial, material and vibrational sensations. Water will be integral to the creation of the tonal material and it connects the location with the body through steam.
“Sounding body of water” is created site-specifically for the steam bath at the public swimming pool Vesturbæjarlaug in Reykjavik, Iceland. A significant percentage of our bodies are composed of water and up to 50% of the elements comprising our planet’s water can be traced back to the birth of our solar system, 4,5 billion years ago. These core elements of our bodies are ancient - as watery beings we carry the entire history of Earth within our bodies.
Sound travels four times faster in water than through air and is inextricably linked to humidity, temperature and pressure – affecting the speed of sound and also the interaction of overtones which are at the core of this vocal piece. The bright acoustics of the steam bath’s architecture coupled with this intrinsic humidity create a mutually affective field of resonance.
“There are deep springs within each of us. Within this deep spring [...] is a sound. The sound of Deep calling to Deep.” - Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr
Our bodies carry deep springs, wild rivers, still lakes and vast oceans — both metaphorically and literally. Imagine if we can tap into an embodied way of knowing by immersing our bodies in sound and water – singing and remembering the history of Earth embedded within the deep springs of our body.
Performers: Bergþóra Ægisdóttir, Stijn Brinkman, Simon Schultz, Ásta Sigríður Arnardóttir, Sigríður Rakel Gunnarsdóttir, Þórbergur Bollason
Composer: Linnéa Falck