WORKSHOP in Wunderlands immersive, sensorial and participatory methodology
IUA Laugarnes
Room L141
14th - 15th November 2022
From: 16.00 - 19.00 both days
Registration: gudbjorgr [at]
With the workshop we want to give a sneak peak into Wunderlands immersive, sensorial and highly physical participatory methodology.
We will dive into physical and sensorial explorations and take inspiration in this to create mini-experiences together.
In Wunderlands installation, Horse Inside Out, we are inspired by the horse. The Horse is chosen for its wild animal power, its ability to run and rage and to do so immediately. It shifts from gentle grazing to kicking galloping charges. It is sudden and powerful. We sense this energy from inside– the guts - of the horse, the inside messy chaos of power and raw energy. We want to create an experience in which a visitor can meet and engage with this same power within themselves. The installation is not a representation of a horse, but abstractions of a horse animal. We are building the feeling of an animal.
In this workshop, we will take inspiration in the quality of an animal that fascinates you and how this quality can be transmitted in an immersive art experience.
We will work mainly with movement, materials, touch and sound.
Wunderland has been working with immersive, highly bodily participatory and interactive performances since 2007.
Wunderlands performances are amongst others taking place at harbours, inside ships, clubhouses, in the forests, at old peoples homes, abandoned buildings and art museums.
Artistic core Values
Meeting sensory art can give access to other layers of consciousness - those we know from dreams, associations, tastes or scents that make the heart beat quicker without us knowing why.
At Wunderland, we are concerned with how we can change the state of consciousness through bodily and sensory influences. How does it affect our experience of ourselves, others, and the environment, as we open to different kinds of sensed and felt bodily awareness and connection?
Mette Aakjær ( b. 1973) is the artistic leader of - and a performer in-  Wunderland. She has a background in experimental dance, Butoh and physical theatre and havs been creating her own work since 1993, working with audience participation / sensory and physical immersive work since 2004. Mette is passionate about exploring cracks in the reality we think we know. The places where understanding becomes bodily kaleidoscopic.
Þóranna Dögg Björnsdóttir ( b.1976) is a sound and visual artist based in Reykjavík Iceland. Her subject matters are varied but often revolve around human nature and a person's worldview, how it shapes and progresses. Interweaving image and sound; her work has built upon the interplay of film and live music performances and takes on the form of sculpture, performance and soundwork. Þóranna has worked as a performer and composer with Wunderland since 2012.