We are made of movement. We are trembly chameleons camouflaged by motion, waiting to be soaked into the exact thing that we are—the movement of everything around us. If motion was a substance, then this kinesthetic harmony could be considered the ectoplasm of the universe.  
If it is true that the only thing a human can do is move, then perhaps the best thing a human can do is dance. To dance could be one of the most direct ways to connect to the fundamental nature at the core of our reality. Everything speaks the language of motion; an omnikinetic symphony. 
Participants: TBA

SWAMP (2021), by LHÍ Sviðslistir

Sean Patrick O’Brien was born after the computer and before the internet in Hermosa Beach, California. At the age of two he moved with his Canadian mother and American father to the coast of Maine, his first memory was the sensation of petting an orange-striped cat on a beach of pebbles. Sean attended the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art where he began exhibiting interactive and kinetic sculptures. Continuing to create and experiment at his studio in Boston’s Fort Point Arts District his work began to involve natural phenomena like magnetism, polarized light, phosphoresces and rainbows. This exploration into artworks as scientific experiments began a new way of thinking of art, as the sharing of the experience of the wonders of the world. Sean’s work now is focusing on the performative nature of the audience interacting with an object or environment and how this interaction itself is the phenomena of art.