Y connects us. Primitive matter emerges from dirt and decay to become a figure that travels upwards, shedding all of its humanity in the process. Y allows us to become unknown animals of our own devising, twisting and bending, always upwards, away from the gravitational pull. Once this creature’s canopy reaches the Firmament, it can finally expand. We will reshape as horses, humans, snakes, rabbits, elks, whales, owls, in a collective, finally dissipating into the endless expansion of the Universe. 
With that said, I would like to invite you to join a walk with me, towards a place of power that I have prepared for us, offering an experience of connection between our visible, and invisible, energies with the land. 
Keep in mind that you are always welcome to find ways in which you can interact with the experience. If in doubt, listen to yourself, and follow your instincts. 
My kin that supported me, and this research. My friends at Listaháskóli for coping with my solitude. All the beings – material and immaterial – that helped me build this place of power. Iceland, as she helped me to cradle and manifest this work.

Y (2021), by LHÍ Sviðslistir

Moves with Dance, with thoughts, with stars. 
Not a hermit. 
Likes technology. 
Lives and breathes. 
Knows how to weave Dreamscapes. 
Can draw them on us. 
Hates being a person, sometimes. 
I am an artist that hails from Brazil, and I seek to connect with the land through spiritual experiences, mediated by art.