Eulogy - Live  

About the work: 
I want to have a heart to heart conversation with my mother before it’s too late, but I have never been able to make that happen in real life.  
Until I asked her to help me with a school project. She's very supportive of my education. So now we will meet on stage and try to figure out what we can and can’t talk about. We don’t want to talk about cancer or death but maybe it’s a good time to plan the funeral.  
Sigríður Eir, Sif Vígþórsdóttir, Brett Smith og Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir. 
Everybody that helped me, you know who you are. 
Sigríður Eir Zophoníasardóttir or Sigga is a performance maker educated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Sigga is a country girl as she was raised in Hallormsstaður, one of Iceland's very few forests. Her career as a performance maker started with living room performances and concerts for her family where the actors were few, underpaid and often unwillingly participating. Sigga is an emotional being. Her practice is based in processing of personal experience and the subconscious, her own inner life and intuition, where she tries to find the distinction between wisdom and hysteria, the private and public, micro and macro. She zooms in on her personal stories, and sometimes overshares, to make sense of the bigger context of things, hoping that it is of any relevance to others. She is also one of two members of A Band Called Eva, a queer, feminist and slow performance duo and band, who have been performing in the theatre and music scene in Iceland since 2013. They make songs about things that don´t have songs but we need to sing about like collar bones, menstruation blood and female masturbation.