Dear Reader, 
I believe I must explain to You with some smart words & sentences, what You are going to witness on stage.  
Unfortunately, this is not my plan. Instead, I am writing this letter to You. My intention is based on pure curiosity. To present something more personal. But still within a frame that some secrets are kept between Me and You. Moreover, I promise, everything that You are about to witness - You already know. Just follow your heart! Does it sound too cliché? Well, maybe! I am not afraid of that or any tacky topics. But (there is always but, am I right?), I will like to whisper to You some keywords for this show:  
“Love letters”  
“Dieter & Dorothy”
For Jean-Paul Sartre, love letters awaken an affective analog, a physiological or psychological element that is a component of a person’s imaginative state. And what is a letter? Is it more than just a written message from one person to another enclosed in the envelope? What type of letter is Your favorite? I must admit, mine are love letters. 
And yes, “Dieter & Dorothy” simply symbolizes two visual artists: Dieter Roth and Dorothy Iannone.  
So don’t be a stranger, I am looking forward to hearing from you!  
With love, 
Participants: Monika Kiburyte and Óðinn Ásbjarnarson
Set design & costumes: Monika Kiburyte
Gígja Sara Björnsson
Chris Peter Spilde  
Saga Sigurðardóttir
Karl Ágúst Þorbergsson  
Sigurður Arent  
Leva Grigelionyte
Egill Ingibergsson
Kanema Erna Mashinkila
Gunnar Snorri Árnason
and my classmates 

D.+ D. & Co. Volume 1 (2021), by LHÍ Sviðslistir

Monika Kiburyte - theatre and performance maker. Born and raised in Lithuania, currently living and studying in Iceland University of Arts.