The piece is a culmination of an artistic research project meandering around movement, poetry, and the implications of the anthropocene. It is a testament to knowledge travelling in and through our bodies; resonating in the tissues, finding solace in the corporeal poetics. Melodies, sounds, and words become movement - and the other way around - while the three dancers find a timespace where their bodies briefly merge with that of an old pine tree, waves of an ocean, many root systems, remembering both their mortality and the joy of being alive in the thick present.
Work by: Sanna Josefiina Hirvonen
Choreography by: Sanna Josefiina Hirvonen in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Gabriel Marling Rideout, Lena Margrét Jónsdóttir, Marikki Nyfors
Stage technique: Stefán Ingvar Vigfússon
Texts by: Sanna Josefiina Hirvonen 
Swedish translation by: Gabriel Marling Rideout
Icelandic translation by: Lena Margrét Jónsdóttir
Thanks to: the third year of contemporary dance practices, Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Sveinbjörg Thorhallsdóttir, Ásgerdur Gunnarsdóttir, Landspítali Fossvogi, my insurance company, Diljá Thorvaldsdóttir, Maria Meldgaard, Veeti Häkki, mom & dad.