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International master's programs

Now that the deadline for the first application cycle is coming up it's time to present our options for international master's programs in music. 

IUA music department offers two international master's programs - NAIP (New Audiences and Innovative Practice) and MA Composition. 
There are two application cycles. All students are encouraged to apply in the first cycle, Non-EU/EEA applicants need to apply in the
first cycle in order to obtain a student residence permit before classes begin in August. Processing of a student residence permit takes 3 – 6 months.
Deadlines for the first application cycle is January 25th. 

NAIP (New Audiences and Innovative Practice)

The Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice provides future professional musicians with the knowledge and skills to become artistically flexible practitioners able to adjust to a wide range of societal contexts. The programme serves students with high-level performance skills and interest in reaching new audiences by learning to develop and lead creative projects in diverse artistic, community and cross-sectoral settings. During the programme, students develop their leadership skills and collaborative practice in a variety of artistic and social contexts. Students will also develop their reflective and research skills while exploring and deepening their own artistic practice.

NAIP students getting inspired by the Icelandic landscape. The workshops take place in any location suitable for each project. Creation has no limitation.


A student-centred approach gives students an opportunity to choose their field of expertise and develop their study plan accordingly. For instance, students can choose a special focus on Experimental Sound Practice through a variety of courses with a special emphasis on music in the expanded field. The programme is developed in collaboration with several higher music education institutions in Europe. It offers a variety of possibilities for exchange according to the students need and field of practice.

The Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice has received funding from the Erasmus+ Programme for its development.

For further insight into the NAIP program community we recommend visiting the international NAIP youtube channel and website.

Programme directors are sigurdurh [at] lhi.is (Sigurður Halldórsson), cellist and professor at IUA and berglindmaria [at] lhi.is (Berglind María Tómasdóttir), composer and professor at IUA.

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MA Composition

The Masters programme in music composition provides the student with the means to establish and develop his/her area of speciality as a composer. Emphasis is put on allowing the student to explore, enhance and develop her/his personal compositional approach. In addition to the main subject the student can personalize the programme of study. Students can choose from different modules in musicology, music theory, electro-acoustics, instrumentation/orchestration, and interdisciplinary studies to support his/her area of interest. With the aim of developing the student’s professional skills, the student can also choose from modules in entrepreneurship and project management.

Composition permiered at Harpa concert hall

During the programme, student’s compositions will be performed by professional performers and ensembles that specialize in contemporary music. Since 2015 Caput New Music Ensemble has been the ensemble in residence. Through the International Exchange programme it is possible to study abroad for one or two semesters at the Academy’s partner institutions, consisting of approximately thirty universities and conservatories in Europe. Programme director is atliingolfs [at] lhi.is (Atli Ingólfsson), composer and professor at IUA.

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