Course title in Icelandic: Stjórnun listrænna verkefni

The students choose an individual project according to their interest and corresponding to the emphases in their studies. These projects are explored under the guidance of the teacher and reviewed in conversation by the student group. Then these projects are assessed. The student group is then split into teams where each team consists of students from different study programmes. Each team chooses one of the individual projects to develop further through to a final presentation. Furthermore, some smaller projects are introduced during the course. 

The lectures address various components of cultural projects and events, which are likely to sharpen and deepen the understanding of the subject, all the way from the initial idea and the goals through to the realization. Conversation and active participation within the group is of high importance. Case studies giving a wide perspective on the possibilities are part of the lectures. 

The students get an opportunity to receive training in the management of variable, cross-arts cultural projects that require knowledge and clear presentation and organizational skills. Goals and objectives, organization and planning as well as risks and the awareness of the unpredictable are closely explored during the course. 

The course is intended to enhance understanding and capability of the students regarding the major components of cultural management, both in individual work, within institutions and in collaboration. Both active engagement and independency is a strong objective of the course as well as teamwork and collaboration.

At the end of the course the students should be able to: 

  • Explain the main grounds for cultural projects, the components, objectives, goals and realization
  • Introduce and analyze different kinds of culturally centered projects, cross-arts possibilities, funding, organization and management 
  • Explain the process of projects from the processing of ideas to the production and the main risk factors of various projects 
  • Utilize tools to solve complex circumstances that can occur in cultural projects and detect the most common obstacles that might arise 
  • Analize the foundations for business plans, publication and teamwork in cultural management 
  • Be practically capable of introducing projects, their potentials and possibilities 
  • Work with other artists on shaping collaborative projects combining multiple art-forms, define the teamwork in terms of authority and responsibility 
  • Explain with examples the work of the main cultural institutions, their structure and frame of subjects in various parts of society 
  • Describe international cultural schemes and on what it is built, and have knowledge on contracts and copyright

Supervisors: Berglind María Tómasdóttir, Sigurður Halldórsson
Teachers: Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir, Matthias Dominik Engler
Teaching language: English
Time and place: Skipholt 31, Thursdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 10:10
Time Period: January 26 to April 25 2023
Units: 6 ECTS
Price: 73.500 kr. (without ECTS) / 91.800 kr. (with ECTS)
Preliminary requirement: Good command of English. A BA-degree or a comparable education.

Should students decide to take a course without ECTS the teacher does not provide feedback for the students work. Difference in the price of the course is therefore based on the teachers’ workload. Courses taken without ECTS can be registered, without ECTS, on the students’ transcript of records.

Further information: Sunna Sigurðardottir, sunna [at]