Wednesday October 2nd 2019
Lecture Room L193, 12.00-12.45

Maria Huhmarniemi, artist-researcher and Doctor of Art and University Lecturer in the University of Lapland

In her presentation Arctic Art and Political Stand Huhmarniemi presents art projects that she has been involved in and discusses political aspect of contemporary art in the Arctic.
Dr. Maria Huhmarniemi is an artist and a teacher in the University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design.
In her work as a visual artist, she engages with questions concerning the North, multi- and interculturalism and communality, as well as environmental issues such as the relationship between people and nature and environmental responsibility. She does installation art and environmental art.
As a researcher she is interested in political contemporary art, art-based environmental education and collaboration of tourism and art. In her Doctoral theses (2016) she developed collaboration of artists and other researchers. The motive was to find out how contemporary artists can participate in local discussions on environmental politics through art.
Huhmarniemi teaches art education and applied visual arts. She has worked as a university lecturer at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design, since 2002.
The event will take place in English and is open to all.