Interactive Narrative- Printed Futures is a brand-new, open summer course in English, starting at the end of May.

The course, which is very practical, is a part of the great selection of courses the Open Iceland University of the Arts offers in 2019 and gives students a foundational skillset to start working with code and electronics, with no previous experience needed.
The tutor, Sam Rees, is an artist and designer from the UK who moved to Iceland in 2013.
Sam is a teacher in the department of Design and Architecture in the IUA and with all his experience, it’s an absolute delight for the Open IUA to have Sam offer the exciting, brand-new course, Interactive Narrative- Printed Futures.
After the course people can expect to have gained the foundational skillset to start working with code and electronics.
“Students will get an overview of the toolkit needed to start engaging with physical computing, using code to work with sensors and control sound, light or motion on a small scale. They’ll get an idea of the possible application of these new technologies to their discipline and an overview of possible future developments in interactive media with regards to print.”
Here's a video showing what the skillset could entail. 
Who would Sam encourage to do the course?
“Anyone interested in starting to apply new technologies, interactivity, code and electronics to a creative practice. Anyone interested in exploring possible futures for printed matter. Anyone who is a generalist with a can-do attitude!”
Interactie Narrative- Printed Futures starts May 29th in IUA Þverholt, Reykjavík.