Manolis Tsipos will be returning to run the brilliant residency that he leads in collaboration with Satu Herrala. Together they work with the students for the duration of seven to ten days and support them in the individual projects through rigorous one-on-one mentoring sessions.

“Manolis is a masterful listener and almost magically intuitive. He has a particular gift with communication and through his encounters with our students they gain a tremendous amount from his capacity to hear very specifically the nuances of their Language. His work with the Master’s programme is a tremendous asset.”

Alexander Graham Roberts, programme director. 

Manolis Tsipos (1979) was born in Athens, Greece. He is a theatre maker, writer and a performer. He also creates videos. Manolis graduated from DasArts, and has also studied in an Acting School and graduated with a BA and a MA in Environmental Studies. He has co-founded the Athens based theatre group Nova Melancholia which focuses mainly in site-specific performances, with participations to several festivals or institutions, e.g. Athens Festival, Athens Biennale and other stages (e.g. Greek National Theatre) and found spaces.