Gerald Kurdian has been on his way to Iceland for a long time – and the MFA is delighted to be able to work with Reykjavik Dance Festival and LOKAL Int. Theatre Festival to bring him here. He will be working here in collaboration with a local choir that will form specifically around his work. This choir will be organised around giving a musical voice to queer issues in Iceland. Students of the MFA programme will have opportunity to follow this process as it develops from residency through to presentation.


We have wanted to bring Gerald for a long time. He brings a particular artistic voice to the MFA and his current project HOT BODIES is a work we are incredibly excited to be able to follow as it is worked on and realised here in Iceland. Gerald will bring together a community of voices from the queer community in Iceland and work with them to develop a experimental choir. Students on the MFA programme will have an opportunity to follow and potentially even participate in this project. Additionally, students will also have the opportunity to meet Gerald for studio visits where they discuss their practice and questions. -Alexander Graham Roberts, programme director.