From 24th of February to the end of March a series of solo-exhibitions will open by the second year MA students in Fine Art at the Iceland University of the Arts. These solo-exhibitions are in preparations for the graduating exhibition that opens on the 13th of May in the Living Art Museum in the Marshallhouse in Reykjavík. The group this year consists of 7 students with various backgrounds in the arts who come from near and far.
The solo-exhibitions take place in the IUA‘s galleries in the department‘s building at Laugarnes and in RÝMD in the suburb of Breiðholt. Each exhibition is open for one week with a public opening every second week from the 24th and 25th of February to 25th of March. The students develop artworks for these exhibitions in close contact with special instructors who are all respected contemporary artists practicing in Iceland. The solo-exhibitions are a preparation for the final degree exhibition and are designed to give the students opportunities to test new ideas and how best to execute them in the related space and context. On Monday after the opening of each exhibition a critical review take place with an invited guest respondent. Present in this review are the MA student group both in fine art and curatorial practice together with the project instructor, the thesis instructor and the MA programme director. Once the solo-exhibition series is over the students work with an appointed curator and academic staff at IUA on the continuing development of their artworks for their graduating exhibition at the Living Art Museum in May.


Friday, February 24th
Solveig Pálsdóttir – Hulduland. 4 PM - 6 PM
Saturday, February 25th
Sarah Finkle - RÝMD. 2 PM - 4 PM
Friday, March 10th
Íris María Leifsdóttir - Kubburinn. 4 PM - 6 PM
Saturday, March 11th
Thora Karlsdóttir - RÝMD. 2 PM - 4 PM
Friday, March 24th
Deepa R. Iyengar - Kubburinn. 4 PM - 6 PM
Jóhanna Margrétardóttir - Hulduland. 4 PM - 6PM
Saturday, March 25th
Júlíanna Ósk Hafberg - RÝMD. 2 PM - 4 PM