Third year students of product design at Iceland University of the Arts hosted the exhibition "Ef hval rekur á fjörur manns/Out of The Blue", of November at Laugavegur 105, downtown Reykjavík. The exhibition was a result of a 13-week collaborative project by students in the course Stefnumót við Hvali (an encounter with a whale).

The relationship between man and whale has deep historical roots. The whale lives a long and eventful life characterized by travels, strong emotions and beautiful songs. The environment can greatly affect the whale, both above and below the surface of the sea.

The death of a whale occurs in different ways. In the instance of a Whale fall, when a whale strands, and at the hands of man; whaling.

In this exhibition, the different destinies of the whale will be explored in a design context. Guests had the opportunity to step into the whale's world. Look the whale in the eye and feel it‘s magnificence.


Elvar Þorri Örvarsson

Erla Sverrisdóttir

Hekla Dís Pálsdóttir

Kristrún Hulda Sigurðardóttir

Melkorka Milla Stefánsdóttir

Ragna Brekkan

Ríkey Magnúsdóttir Ringsted

Sigurður Einarsson Mäntylä

Svava Þorsteinsdóttir

Þórunn Harpa Garðarsdóttir



Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir

Rúna Thors



Janosch Bela Kratz

Lee Lorenzo Lynch

Sam T. Rees