We are open for applications for Bachelor and Master degrees for 2021
Bachelor Programmes
Applications open on  04.12. 2020.
Application deadline for all BA-programmes is April 26th 2021 except for the Acting programme, December 2nd 2020 and the Contemporary Dance Practice programme, January 25th 2021.
Performing Arts:


October 5th 2020 - December 2nd. 2020. - Application deadline is closed
Theatre & Performance making

December 4th - April 26th 2021.
Contemporary Dance Practices

December 4th - January 25th 2021.
International Master Programmes
Applications open on December 4th 2020.
Application deadline is
1st round - 25.01.2021.
2nd round - 26.04.2021.
Teaching language is English
Master Programmes & Diploma Programmes
Applications open on 04.12. 2020.

Application deadline is May 17th 2021. 
Teaching language is Icelandic
hafdis [at] lhi.is (Architecture & Design)

gudnyr [at] lhi.is (Arts Education)

eddakristin [at] lhi.is (Fine Art )

sunna [at] lhi.is (Music)

dagmar [at] lhi.is (Performing Arts)