The 6th annual Hugarflug conference on artistic research presents "Memory" as a central topic for the 2017 event. We welcome any questions and projects relating to social, personal, historical, political, ethical, material, aesthetic, gendered, and embodied time; addressed through artistic and discursive forms alike.

Artist, designers, curators, artistic directors, scholars, and other professionals working in the field of the arts, culture, and education are invited to submit a proposal for participation in some of the following categories:

Visual/Material Presentations: Exhibition? Site-specific installation? Visual communication? Screening? Please specify the subject and scope of your presentation, spatial and technical needs and any other information you think is relevant. How does the work relate to the conference theme? Visual/Material presentations do not need a formal context and can take place anywhere and anytime in the conference.

Performative Presentations: Interventions? Performances? Happening?
20 min presentation + 10 min discussion = 30 min (x 3 participants = 90 min)
30 min presentation + 30 min discussion = 60 min
10-20 min presentation without discussion (off-program)
 Please specify the subject and scope of your performative presentation, spatial needs and preferred length. How does the work relate to the conference theme?

Discursive Presentations: Lecture? Panel discussion? Roundtable discussions? Pecha-Kucha? Workshop?
20 min presentation + 10 min discussion = 30 min
40 min presentation + 20 min discussion = 60 min
7 min presentation/20 slides (Pecha Kucha) x 5-7 people = 90 min
Please submit an abstract (max 300 words) of your discursive presentation, and specify your preferred length. How does the work relate to the conference theme?

Any production cost is not covered by the conference, nor is travel or accommodation fees for participants from overseas.

Submission: Please submit proposals including name, title and email address, to hugarflug [at]

. Submission deadline is January 23, 2017.

Conference Venue: Departments of Fine Art and Arts Education (Laugarnesvegur 91, Reykjavik).

About Hugarflug: Hugarflug is an annual conference on artistic research organized by Iceland Academy of the Arts. The conference is an important platform for a critical discussion on artistic research and knowledge creation, drawing on a wide array of approaches, methods, subjects and forms of dissemination in this emerging field. One of its core aims is to offer a safe space for open-ended questions, experimental processes and uncertain research results.

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