Sigríður Þóra Flygenring, a second-year student in Visual Communication at the Iceland University of the Arts is the logo designer for a new IUA lecture series called Þolmörk.

The lecture series is an experiment to increase the synergy between various art forms and thereby creating an interdisciplinary discussion venue for students, faculty and all interested. You can read more about Þolmörk here.

Sigríður Þóra Flygenring, or Didda, which she usually goes by, is twenty years old and graduated from the Hamralíð College (MH) in 2018. She also studied Visual Arts at the Reykjavík School of Visual Arts. IUA had a chat with Didda and asked her about the logo design:
How did the Þolmörk logo come to you?
“The logo is really just the first idea I had when I heard the title Þolmörk (e. Tolerance limits). Where the two boxes meet each other in the logo kind of stands for the limits, limits that the text crosses. I also decided that the “m” in the word would be weirdly located between the black and white space, to match the idea of some limits.“ Says Didda who is quite interested in logos.
“I really like looking at logos and the ideas that lay behind them. That type of conceptualization is something I really enjoy.”
Where do you see yourself going when you finish your Bachelor in Visual Communication from IUA?
„After I finish my studies here, I‘m hoping to get some fun projects, travel a bit and then maybe do my masters somewhere abroad,“ Didda tells us, but she will be doing an exchange semester in Amsterdam in the spring of 2020. „Maybe I‘ll create some new connections there. Otherwise, I have a bunch of project ideas that I hope I can carry out in the coming years.“
We thank Didda for the chat and congratulate her on the new logo design for Þolmörk!