My artistic practice contributes to the iPhone/instantaneous culture that the new generations in privileged countries are notorious for. I want to share the cultural phenomenon as well as generation specific activity through an immigrant-female perspective. Nude images such as sculptures, drawings and paintings have been used throughout art for thousands of years, it is a constant in the arts. People were and will be fascinated by their own and each other’s nude bodies, but what happens when we can control our bodies through a phone camera? Each iPhone nude becomes a self-portrait, which can be manipulated by angles, lighting and photoshop, readily available tools which were not available until recently. The idea that countless people have photographs of themselves naked, whether for their own or their partner/s’ pleasure becomes a new movement of sexual self-expression. The male gaze is challenged, and the power dynamics shift. The result becomes a politically charged conversation. Whether I am screen printing, embroidering on fabric, working in metal or sketching on Procreate, the process is delicate from the start to the end. The change in my choice of media creates new and innovative ways to work with photography and shifts the time frame of digital beginning (photographs and sketches) into physical pieces that are time consuming.


Býflugur búa til hungang / Bees Make Honey

Pólýester, útsaumur, silkiprent, strálrammi / Polyester, embroidery, screen print, steel frame

221 x 23 cm



Ritskoðun / Censorship 

Pólýester, stálrammi / Polyester, steel frame

193 x 123 cm



Ekki enn / Not Yet 

Bómull, þráður, silkiprent / Cotton, thread, screen print

135 x 50 cm