María: I talked to biologists at the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute. I absorbed information and coffee. 
Marsibil: I stare into the blackness between my hands. I am wet beneath my scalp and between my thighs. The sweat finds its way into the coffee. My expressions are sour. I become sour. The ocean becomes sour.
María: CO2(g)⇆CO2(l)→CO2(l)+H2O(l)⇆H2CO3(l)⇆H+(l)+HCO−3(l)→H+(l)+CO2−3(l)+Ca2+(l)⇆CaCO3(s)
Marsibil: Mark and meaning. You make your mark on me. Am I your branding merchandise, María? You wear me to seem more remarkable than you are. Meaninglessness.
María: The relationship between the ocean's acidification and global warming is undeniable. Data shows that the warming is partly because of man.
Marsibil: Conspiracy theories. Statistics are bad tasting manipulations. Histograms are distorted limbs that jut up from the earth like skyscrapers and break down in nuclear reactors.
María: Sometimes breakdown is positive. A scientist in Australia accidentally dropped a tray full of corals and they broke. The corals healed in an unbelievably short time and now corals are cultivated in massive quantity. 
Marsibil: I relax on my back and stretch my newly shaved legs up in the air. I watch my toes breed and become corals.