A lounge of remorse

I am interested in architectural structures and elements that have a functional purpose but can also have symbolic meaning. Columns that hold up the ceiling can be a sign of wealth and divinity or cheap taste. Doors, windows and gates are entrances to other spaces and dimensions. Beds and sofas are also entrances; they make you change your body from vertical to horizontal. I like structures that can lead you to an emotional conclusion.
My room is empty. The curtains are pulled down, they are brown and wet. It is bright outside and inside there is one light hanging from the ceiling. It is very harsh and cold, like in a dentist’s office. The walls and the floor are barren.
Some of the dirty dishes and leftover food packaging is moldy. The room is humid and warm, and it smells like a teenager just woke up in it.
My favorite TV show is Love after Lockup. It is about people dating inmates and what happens when they are released from prison. The show is about desperation, terrible life decisions and romance.