I mainly work in oils and watercolors, although I also enjoy working with video and collage as a medium. For me it’s not only important to convey an intact message to the viewers, but rather let the viewers make their own opinions about the work. 
This is essential when it comes to art, since an image can say more than a thousand words. This of course goes against the grain of our modern times with all its trends. In art, minimalism is often a dominant factor, as an art genre, and when it comes to popularity. A problem one should watch out for in the context of minimalism is not to drown the work with long philosophical texts, since this puts the viewer’s patience under pressure. 
Sometimes I reflect on works by older artists from my home country, the Faroe Islands. This is evident in some of my works, which are painted in a neoclassical style. I have lately become more interested in minimizing the choice of colors and forms to get a stronger and more direct message across. 
Another thing of interest is the psychological and psychical power colors can have on the viewer and how perception of a color can change, depending on what color it is placed next to.