On the effect of modern technology on human hearing

Music has been an intergral part of humanity´s development for thousands of years.
We perform and listen to music, and music in turn has a transformative effect on the individual and the society alike.
The focus of this thesis is how our ability and ways to listen to music have changed since the dawn of recording technology.
The thesis is threefold: firstly an overview of the history of music, emphasizing how our ancestors perceived music and how the power of music has been used as a healing force throughout the ages.
Secondly, the sense of hearing is examined and how we listen to music. This is followed by a review of some recent scientific experiments which shed light on what takes place in the human body and psyché when we observe musical performance.
Thirdly the effects and influences of recording technology and mass production on music and the sense of hearing are investigated. 
Advisor: Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir