Communicating cultural heritage and everyday culture

In the master’s thesis I explore as a designer, curator and teacher the informative and educational value of exhibitions as it relates to the communication of cultural heritage with an emphasis on environmental and cultural literacy.
An exhibition is an experience; it can inform and encourage creative thinking and contemplation and provide exhibition visitors with a meaningful experience of their cultural heritage, whether this is a tangible or intangible inheritance, from the past or present in our immediate environment.

The project is based on the exhibition What Shall the Child be Called? 

With this exhibition that I curated in 2014 in Gerðuberg Cultural Center, I attempted to demonstrate that an exhibition could be a medium of interest for all age groups to be informed, to sense, experience and enjoy. In addition, I wanted to open the exhibition visitors’ eyes to everyday culture and I hoped that they would in turn experience themselves as a part of the cultural environment.
The master’s project is intended to foment contemplation of how educational experiences can take place further afield than in the classroom, and that cultural institutions can employ a different approach to sow seeds for the future and inspire further study and knowledge.
One might say that the foundation for all study is interest, curiosity and pleasure, and it is important that the person who transmits knowledge can inspire the recipients’ curiosity so that they might be encouraged to examine, enjoy and explore the subject matter further.
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Advisors: Ásthildur Björg Jónsdóttir og Ellen Gunnarsdóttir