Art creation by the kitchen table

Enriching art creation in childrens everyday lives

The subject of this project is the book Listasmiðja, which is intended for families and contains creative projects for children.
The goal of the project is to enrich art creation in children's everyday lives. In the book, I emphasize that the art projects are accessible in terms of materials and knowledge. I take care to ensure that the art mediums are open-ended and easy to access, and that no specialist knowledge is required to support children's artistic creation.
The art projects are simplified by breaking them down into steps using text and images. The projects are designed to make it easy to transfer methods and materials to continued creation based on one's own criteria.


In the dissertation, I review the theoretical background of the impact of artistic creation on children's development and the importance of the environment in that context. Furthermore, I discuss the process behind the making of the book as well as focusing on the fact that children are given the conditions and opportunities for art creation in their immediate environment.
Art creation can have a variety of effects on individuals and is by its nature a self-directed process. Internal factors are activated, such as the self, imagination and cognition, as well as the development of technical skills.
Opening up for art creation within the home results in increased togetherness within the family.
Art creation involves a meaningful experience where the participants are active creators and not just passive recipients.


Kristín Klara Gretarsdóttir
krisklara [at]
Advisor: Ingimar Ólafsson Waage