Kristín Dóra Ólafsdóttir
BA Fine Art 2017

Throughout these past years I worked mostly with text and various forms of messages. The words are essentially points of reference, and often morph into a variety of shapes. For my graduation work, I have interwoven the mediums that I have used most and the bits and pieces of text and sentences that I have collected throughout the three years. The flags are monuments that represent my educational journey in addition to being a general reference to festivities and celebrations. The text on the flag stands for the various frames of mind that an artist encounters throughout the creative process — although they are relatable to everyone and not only artists, as the creative process applies not only to art. In a state of panic it is important to remember to breathe deeply. Don’t lose yourself completely but try your best and something good will follow. Festival flags are especially fitting for a graduation show because they exist to celebrate important events and people coming together. In general, flags exude an aura of grandeur — and text on flags is often respectable and strong. The text on my flags will hopefully inspire the viewers and guests to meet their creative endeavours head on. Even if they don’t, the flags will stand firmly, ready to be read —tokens of togetherness for those that are interested. Outdoor flags usually depict nationalistic messages, while indoor flags usually celebrate specific sports clubs or companies. Now, we have our own flags. We may not be the Kiwanis club but we’re trying our best, which is good enough.