We live in the age of the anthropocene, a term that implies that the negative impact of humans on the earth’s environment is now measured at the same level of natural disasters in the past. The impacts have increased so vastly to the point where they have become irreversible, with no clear solution in sight. With my works I explore the impossibility that comes with living in the anthropocene, as well as the possibilities that lie within the impossible. 
Every material in this world has the potential to transform from one form to another, where its history is extended by a lifetime in a cycle of endless lifetimes. This transformation process can lead in many directions with different outcomes, and deciding if one is better than the other can seem complicated. Everything moves in a circle—where one story ends, another begins. 
I wonder what it is that determines value in the eyes of humanity, though we seem to have firmly ingrained ideas about what is valuable and what is worthless. I want to question these ideas and demonstrate the stance we can take, to value every material equally, as if it were made up of the same atoms.