Katrín Kristjánsdóttir
BA Fine Art 2017
katakidda [at] gmail.com

I have been thinking about subjects related to emotions and the ways in which we deal with them. We all deal with emotions differently, my way of doing so is to step back and retreat into nature, where I feel at home. Humans are emotional beings, and we need to express and process our emotions. If we don’t, we eventually hit a wall. In my solo exhibition (2016) I displayed works that discussed the subject of emotions. I displayed paintings and videos that interacted. The video was a documentation of nature, while the paintings were my interpretation of it. I wanted to continue exploring this subject for my graduation project, and therefore decided to create a piece that deals with the same subject but differs in shape and form. Here, I have projected a video onto a large glass surface with a matte finish, causing the image to blur. The image will project through the glass and onto the wall behind. The video is shot underwater and is abstract—therefore fusing both video and painting.