Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir

We’re constantly staging the self, on social media and in everyday life. Am I the kind of person who posts selfies with a beauty filter or the type who posts inspirational quotes? Images, words, movement, sound, clothes, hairstyles - all these are tools we use to express ourselves and to create an image. Art is one way to express and stage the self, since the product always reflects its creator. Maybe that’s why we make art, not to mirror society, but to mirror ourselves. In the piece I Thought I’d Be More Famous by Now, different mediums (visual art, music, poetry, performance, dance and fashion) come together to create a universe where the main character takes on many different roles. The work changes according to the context it is viewed in, whether it is in an art gallery, through the internet or at a concert. It was made in collaboration with different artists and therefore borrows their contexts, reflects fragments of their universes. Out of twelve different music videos come twelve different fantasies about the self. Self portraits in a way.