I am fascinated by “ugly” things, so much so that I take their features and make my own versions of them. These are things that have a distinctive function but become a pointless replica when I take over. Examples of these materials are shrimp, hot dogs, pickles, domestic jars and vases. I give the things a personality by moulding them in clay and putting my fingerprints on them. I rob them of their function and give them personalities instead. 
For example, jars. Jars without a purpose. Jars that are not jars but replicates of jars. They are too big, thick and long to be real jars. They do not get to store sugar, wheat or cookies. Empty jars? Jars that are a craft without a function. They are raucous, grotesque and unique. Rough and organically grown. Vulnerable and overgrown. Hungry and deaf. Mighty, fleshy and unstable. Some prefer the outside, dipping their toes in the grass but others choose the inside surrounded by exhibition guests. Ugly upon first viewing, but with closer inspection of bulges, nubs and handles they come alive. If listened closely you might hear a growl.