Sportsart - An Interplay of Sports and Arts


Sportsart is an innovative project within the Icelandic education system.
The project’s aim is to create a conceptual connection between the arts and sport in order to bridge the divide between these two subjects, both of which support health and well-being.
Sportsart departs from the central tenet that a deeper understanding of one’s potential, the interplay between physical comportment and creativity, and equality-based teaching are paths to greater self-knowledge and empowerment.
Through this departure, students can adopt the methods of artistic creation in any context, including sports and exercise.
The project is based on pilot lessons intended to develop teaching methods and study materials for Sportsart. The ensuing study is based on lesson plan outlines developed during the summer of 2021, which were then developed into pilot lessons before the project began.
The result is a detailed teaching plan with guidance on assessment objectives as well as analysis of the pilot lessons. Emphasis was placed on assignments which were designed to elicit feedback on students’ experience of the lessons. The design encouraged students to approach the assignments on their own terms and make them their own.
The results are based on observations during lessons, conversations with students at the end of each lesson, self-assessment and focus group interviews. The study indicates that Sportsart can be an effective method for empowerment and greater awareness of the body. Indeed, it seems that Sportsart can open students’ minds to the fact that expression and creation can happen anytime and anywhere.
Sportsart is thus introduced as a method for expression through creativity and sophisticated awareness of the body. The results indicate that Sportsart can be a means to this objective and, on that premise, has a role to play in the education system.

Mynd: Owen Fiene


Karna Sigurðardóttir
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Advisor: Ellen Gunnarsdóttir
Útskriftarár: 2022