In my squeaky : When Blinking, Blink 

Wood, metal, pillow, light bulb, green foil, sensor 

Without immaterial expectations and some reality in dreams, I would not be able to meet you. 'You' is the name I have given you. When our gazes meet, you call me 'you'. That is where we count the differences and similarities between you and me.  After finding one green light, your eyes know what to look for next. Our eyes are deep screens. You may be able to find 'you' while blinking. 



In my squeaky : One Phrase Sculpture 

Metal, concrete 

Thus us 

Pass by, 

And play: 

As one, 

For instants 

And being: 

We're tracing 

Some senses, 

And walking 

In repetition: 

There have 

Our words. 

Here tell 

We leave,


Paraphrase of the poem "Upon His Departure Hence" by Robert Herrick.