Juliette Frenay

It started from a look.
Like a shot. But I looked back.
I looked deeper, longer, further.
It would be like a dive into the image.      Sliding
     into it to understand from inside.
There is not so much to get though.
There’s maybe more to sense. I’m searching, researching.
I aim to understand what we feel.             How we feel.
     It’s about transferring,         or is that maybe translating?
I tend to share.
     Something, somewhere.
 At least I want to.
     For sure I try to.

Through her performance and artwork, Juliette Frenay disturbs the architecture of our surrounding spaces as well as our intimate bodies. Juliette invites us to end up with our visual way of life to finally feel our environment. Her body, usually intimate and unquestioned, becomes her first and foremost medium to make the world unfamiliar and to rethink or transform landscapes, objects or shapes. Thanks to her projects, Juliette makes us get over with thinking, understanding or should I say, our capacity of not thinking, not understanding space, to eventually experience it. Finally, bodies and spaces are not separated anymore.

Flora Hergon