Creative Collaboration between Museums and Compulsory Schools
A Hat full of Ideas – a Handbook for Teachers


My final project from the Department of Arts Education of the Iceland University of the Arts is on the one hand a handbook for teachers in compulsory schools (1st – 10th grade) about creative collaboration between schools and museums on children's education, and on the other hand a dissertation on the context the handbook stands in and my collection of material for it. I divide the context into sections by topic.
The first chapter deals with museum education in Iceland, its history and current situation.
The second chapter is on the public policies of the state, local authorities and institutions on education, culture and the arts, with special regard to museums and children's culture.
The third chapter puts museum education in context with theories in education and draws forth the current emphasis on creative work in the teaching of children in compulsory schools. 
The handbook is called A Hat full of Ideas (Icel. Hugmyndahatturinn) and it contains 28 examples of creative collaboration between compulsory schools and museums around the country.
I collected the examples by sending a questionnaire to all accredited museums in Iceland, as well as the three head museums.
I arranged the examples received according to the number of components in the learning process they describe, from the most diverse at the front to the simplest at the back.
The outcome is an accessible reference book that serves as an inspiration for teachers in compulsory schools about possible approaches to teaching in collaboration with museums, where room is given to the students' creativity and the museum becomes their platform for research and making discoveries and new connections in their minds.
The handbook also comes in handy for museum staff who are interested in developing innovative approaches in museum education for students in compulsory schools.


Johanna Bergmann


Jóhanna Bergmann
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Advisor: Ólöf Gerður Sigfúsdóttir
20 ECTS