Fountain of Heartfelt Refresh

100 x 100cm


Glazed Stoneware made in collaboration with the “hidden people” from Kolsstaðir, Miðdalir, Iceland.

Glazed porcelain sculptures and mirrors smashed by heartbroken teen in Djúpavík, Ströndum. Water infused with crystals from Kolsstaðir, Miðdalir. Glazed porcelain tiles. Favorite broken cups. Different Zeolite minerals and crystals: Mesolite, Scolecite, Thomsonite, Stilbite. Gifted Crystals: clear quarts, tiger's eye, black tourmaline.

Healing properties of minerals and crystals: (Mesolite) Helps communication with other dimensions, worlds, planets, and planes of existence, activates the heart chakra. (Scolecite) Deep inner peace, spiritual transformation, intense lucid dreaming, unlocking of the heart and releasing its pain. (Thomsonite) Lifts the fog from the mind and allows clear thought. (Stilbite) helps to soften and open the heart chakra and overcome loss and fear, inner peace, consciousness expansion to bring awareness to other dimensions and realms. (Clear Quartz) healing, spiritual rejuvenation, enhances mental clarity. (Tiger's Eye) protection, good luck, focus of the mind, resolving problems clear of emotions, diffusing fear and anxiety. (Black Tourmaline) Protection, grounding and repellant of negative energy.

Found sheeps teeth, Kolsstaðir, Miðdalir. Glass prisms, cement, chicken wire, plastic mesh, cotton fabric, tile glue, grout, water pump, tubes, wood, acrylic paint and ink.