The Sensory Umbilical

The participatory artwork Skynjunarslóðinn (e. the Sensory Umbilical) was exhibited five times during a two-month period at different venues around the Reykjavík vicinity, Iceland, in spring 2018.
I review how I went about designing an independent participatory artwork focused on the the sensory pathways of the individual, particularly in regards to organization, communication with participants and how I dealt with challenges.
All of the mentioned particles are fragments of the teacher´s daily practice.
In addition, I was curious about the effects of sensory exploration on the empowerment and joy of creativity in the individual.
Would participants use the opportunities provided to create? How would they feel about themselves after participating?
Lastly, I wanted to explore if, and how, I can use sensory exploration as a teacher within the classroom, and how the experience of the project would develop me as an artist.


Hugrún Margrét Óladóttir
hugrunmargret [at]
Instrucors: Dr. Ellen Gunnarsdóttir og Þóranna Björnsdóttir