Hugarflug, annual research conference at IUA will be held September 13, 2024
Call for proposals till May 21, 2024


Artistic Research: The Tacit Knowledge

The creative insight of artists is increasingly attracting the attention of the wider research arena. Artists’ divergent thinking (i.e. imaginative, open ended) has been shown to add a new, beneficial dimension to problem solving which hitherto has mostly been in the hands of convergent thinkers (i.e. logical, analytic). But the artist’s mind is also an investigative mind. It is a modern, cross-disciplinary mindset, geared towards working on highly complex tasks through skills which have often been developed from a very young age. Needless to say, there is thus great value in artistic research, beyond the simple aesthetic value of art works which is more generally and easily recognised.

Still, there seems to be a lack of understanding between these different research communities. The overarching question Hugarflug 2024 seeks to answer is: why? Is it a lack of common terminology? Are the methods of investigation used by artists too different from the more traditional ways of performing research to be taken seriously? Are artists´ means of dissemination not clear enough, or is it even a simple question of quality?

In order to answer the above questions, we want to open the field to wide discussion. The Iceland University of the Arts calls for research proposals of any kind being performed or having been performed by our staff, students and collaborators. The aim is to provide a snapshot of our research output and to sit down and talk, not only between ourselves but not least with representatives of the wider research community who will be invited to the discussion, providing a valuable „guest´s eye“. It is thus a truly open call.

Hugarflug will be held at IUA Friday, September 13th, 2024, deadline for open call is Monday 21st of May 2024. Application form available here 

This year the organisation of Hugarflug will be diffrent from previous years and the formats of submission is reduced. 

To begin with, participants are invited to submit proposals for 20 minute lectures, or presentations, which will be arranged with other contributions with simmilar topics. The outcome will be 60 minute seminars, following with 30 minute panel discussions and questions from the audience - a total of 90 minutes sessions. It should be noted that art research expositions are welcome, such as installations, video works, and performances - either of fineart or stage and musical works. Another new option for submission is to propose a research poster where either on-going project or research out-put is introduced to visitors. Owners of the posters will have the oportunity to explain the content and answer questions in scheduled poster sessions. Participants will bring their own posters and are asked to limit the size to A0

The above structure is an attempt to produce a clear "screenshot" of research culture in the academic field of arts.

Confrence Committee:

Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir
Carl Boutard
Ingimar Ólafsson Waage
Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir
Pétur Jónasson
Sahar Ghaderi
Elín Þórhallsdóttir


Application form 

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Nánari upplýsingar / contact info: 

Elín Þórhallsdóttir
elinthorhalls [at] / hugarflug [at]