Hugarflug 2022: Call for proposals /
deadline is December 1, 2021

Hugarflug, annual research conference at the Iceland University of the Arts will be held February 11, 2022 

At the last Hugarflug conference in February 2021, students, teachers and practicing artists, designers, architects and scholars reflected on the various turning points the world was up against. Topics such as the pandemic, climate crisis and actions against racial discrimination were presented during a week-long online conference under the heading of Vendipunktur – Turning Point.  
A year later we are still at a turning point, able to see more clearly what lies ahead. What we are faced with is the urgent need to take care of our communities and the environment, to nurture the fundamental values that best serve society as a whole as well as each individual. What are those values? Where do we go from here – together as a collective whole including nature and the species that constitute our ecosystem – towards a future unknown? 
At Hugarflug 2022 we would like to reflect on how each person belongs to one or more collective wholes. How each experience and action relates to a larger context. How we constantly flow and shift instead of standing still. How we seek to embrace rather than stand alone. How we are faced with the possibility that no single individual will ever be capable of bringing forth a solution, but instead, that the solution depends on the power of the collective, now and for the future ahead. In Iceland, we have a saying: “No one is an island” (“Enginn er eyland”), which informs the theme of Hugarflug 2022: Collective Care. 
We encourage participants to use diverse methods, media, and approaches to find the appropiate form for their contributions. Asan example, a contribution could take on a material or visual form (exhibition, installation, graphic dissemination), a staged form (performance, intervention), or a verbal form (paper presentation, Pecha Kucha, auto-interview, panel discussion, seminar, workshop etc.). Apart from word-based presentations we will only accept fully developed contributions containing video, audio, photography, or other forms of dissemination of artistic research, artistic practice and design. 
Conference Committee: 
Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir 
Hanna Styrmisdóttir 
Hulda Stefánsdóttir 
Magnea Einarsdóttir 
Massimo Santanicchia 
Nína Sigríður Hjámarsdóttir 
Þórhallur Magnússon  
Elín Þórhallsdóttir 
Karólína Stefánsdóttir

The conference will take place at IUA 11. February 2022.

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Nánari upplýsingar / contact info: 

Karólína Stefánsdóttir
karolinas [at] / hugarflug [at]